Welcome to Itamba

Itamba secondary school welcomes you all!

Head of schoolItamba Secondary School is an ideal place for living, learning and spiritual growth. The School is owned and run by ELCT-South Western Diocese. Itamba offers quality education in all basic Ordinary level subjects and in HGL, HGK, HKL, EGM, HGE, CBG, PCB, PCM, and CBA at Adanced level subjects.
At Itamba, we have conducive invironment for a student to study, this include comprehensive library, full equipped scientific laboratories, contemporary computer rooms and many other. Students whose curiosity is as great as their ambition, whose desire to serve matches their desire to achieve. Itamba Schools provides boundless opportunities for intellectual, creative and personal growth.
Teaching is consistently good and teachers are always striving to improve. They plan lessons that excite the pupils and there is a strong focus on investigative approaches to learning in all lessons.

Why Choose Itamba
Academic profile

Itamba Secondary School has good profile in academic performance, and it has always been raising its perfomance from year to year specifically in National Examinations. For instance, in form six national examination results 2014, all student passed their exams with high scores of minimum of Divion Two.Likewise in form four national examination results, the school had larger number of Distiction, Merits and pass grades

spiritual growth and descipline

At Itamba, we have adopted the philosophy "the fear of the lord is the begining of knowledge". Being under ownership of a church, at itamba we have emphasize in spiritual growth for student based on every student's religion and worship groups. we believe when a student is spiritually upright, this will cater descipline which is directly related to their academic performace.

High-quality staff

Excellent teachers are an essential ingredient for an outstanding school. Itamba is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring the best out of each and every child. The school invests heavily in the development of its staff and sets high professional expectations

About School

Itamba is a co-school which has both Boarding and Day scholars. However, almost 90% percent of students reside at school. the few day scholars result from those whose homes are near by the school

Subjects offered
  • The school is agricultural based. For student in form one and two it is must to study Agricultural science subject while those in form three and four can opt to study or drop the subject
  • Apart from normal subjects, at Itamba we offer computer studies which is must for every student. The computer classes are offered to the whole lifetime of a student while at Itamba. This equips a student with all the necessary programs of computer.
University success

In 2014,100% of high School graduates were offered places at reputable Universities in Tanzania